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Canadian MBT and Reflective Functioning Research Network

One of the objectives of MBT-Canada is to provide a mentalization based treatment and reflective functioning research network to support clinicians and researchers to conduct research on:

  • mentalizing, its development, relationship with psychopathology and resilience
  • MBT treatment efficacy and outcome studies.


A number of measures of mentalizing are available in French and English and can be obtained by writing to us. Training in the coding of Adult Reflective Functioning, Child and Adolescent Reflective Functioning, as well as other measures is available. Please let us know if you are interested in using these measures. We can also help to provide access to a list of other measures frequently used to measure mentalizing in adults, children and adolescents.


Children & Adolescents




CRF: Child and Adolescent Reflective Functioning (for children 8-12)

Parent Development Interview Reflective Functioning

ARF: Adult Reflective Functioning Scale

TMS: Therapist Mentalizing Scale


The Affect Task (for children 6-12)

Embodied Parental Mentalizing in interaction with school age children

RFQ: Reflective Functioning Questionnaire (RFQ)


Happe’s Strange Stories (for children 8-12)

Mini Parental Development Interview

TRF: Trauma Reflective Functioning Scale


RFQ – C: Reflective Functioning Questionnaire – Child (for children 8-12)

Parental RFQ (for parents of infants and preschoolers)



RFQ-A : Reflective Functioning Questionnaire Adolescent (RFQ-A)

Parental RFQ (for parents of latency children)



Mentalizing in Children’s Play (for children 3-8)




Poko Measure of Mentalizing in Pre-Schoolers (for children 3-5)