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Karin Ensink, Ph.D.

Karin Ensink is a Clinical Psychologist and Professor of Psychology in Canada.

She is the director of Mentalization Based Treatment Canada, the founder of a Clinic for the treatment of Complex Trauma, and is an Anna Freud Center recognized MBT supervisor (Child, Adolescent, and Adult) and trainer (Child and Adolescent).

The author of a number of books on the treatment of children and adolescents, including Mentalization Based Treatment for Children, Karin has published widely on the development of mentalizing, the role of mentalizing as a resilience factor in the context of trauma, and personality disorders in adults, parents, adolescents and children. She has active research collaborations in the UK, US, Italy, Spain, France, Norway and Chile.

Karin completed her PhD at UCL with Peter Fonagy and Mary Target on mentalizing in children while working at the Anna Freud Center in London. She provides trainings for the assessment of mentalization in therapists, children and parents.